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A Sit Down with Chris Krucker, Manorun Organic Farm


For this month’s edition of “What’s in season?”, we thought we would go straight to the experts! We have the pleasure of working closely with Manorun Organic Farm, located on the outskirts of Hamilton, and supplying them with our bread every Saturday.

Chris Krucker, Denise Trigatti, and their four children have been farming organically for 25 years with the goal of supplying organic vegetables and pasture-raised meats to the community, helping mitigate climate change through sustainable farming practices, and supporting the regenerative food movement through the education and training of new farmers. We recently sat down with Chris to ask him some questions about the farm.


You’ve been organically farming the same land for 25 years, what prompted you to start all those years ago? 

We lived downtown Hamilton and wanted to raise our children in a rural setting. After a few years of hobby farming, we started selling our produce and then built it up from there.


What do you grow on the farm?
We grow almost every vegetable you can in southern Ontario; raise chickens, other egg layers, cattle, and pigs; and grow grains and hay.


How many livestock animals live on the farm and how are they kept? 

There are a dozen pigs, 10 cattle, 1500 meat chickens, and 100 laying hens. Oh, and 5 ponies/horses!


We love that you’re re-creating an Oak Savannah through your practices, can you explain what an Oak Savannah is and why they’re so important?
The oak savannah is a grassland with large mature trees and shrubs spaced throughout. It’s the ideal habitat for humans as it also allows for the growth of plants and animals that we consume. In addition, it is regenerative and environmentally sustainable. [There are] lots of benefits from growing food in an oak savannah.


If there was one thing about farming or food that you wish everyone knew, what would it be? 

The closer your food is to you the fresher it is and also the better tasting and better for you. 


And finally, if you were making a sandwich with our Dear Grain bread, what would you put in it? 

Everything from the farm. Definitely arugula, roasted red peppers, oven roasted chicken, and homemade mayo with our eggs.