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Walnut Choco Cherry Sourdough Cookies


Dreamy cookie dough, packed with chunks of white chocolate, perfectly studded with tart cherries. Buttery and comforting, but still vibrant and light. What is this you ask?

Say hello to our new Walnut Choco Cherry Sourdough Cookie!

Bursting with creamy comfort and zingy freshness these cookies are the perfect midsummer treat. Not too sweet and bursting with tons of dynamic texture.

These cookies have a lovely tender bite to them thanks to the spelt flour and walnuts. To round off each mouthful, the white chocolate and butter provide the most sumptuous finish, which is dreamy smooth and will transform you into the cookie monster, reaching for another every time!

At this time of year cookies can be used anywhere! In your yogurt, cereal, or on top of your ice cream. Even better, why not create an ice cream sandwich or dunk them in your iced coffee. No matter how you enjoy these cookies, you can rest easy knowing that they’re made with delicious, wholesome ingredients.

It is important to highlight the significance of the "sourdough effect" and use of heritage grains in our pastry! The usage of sourdough in recipes enriches the cakes and cookies with flavour and the acid created in the fermentation is a natural preservative that helps retain moisture and staling. Our products have a shelf life of a week or more, if you can make them last that long! The use of heritage grains add higher nutritional density, lower gluten, and richer flavours. The combination of both help in lighter digestion and an overall feel good indulgence.

Butter, sugar, egg, cinnamon, organic bread flour, light spelt flour, kosher salt, baking soda, baking powder, white chocolate, dried cherries, walnuts.

Dairy, eggs, nuts, soy lecithin.

240g. 8/ Pack

Walnut Choco Cherry Sourdough Cookies