Unique sourdough for the Easter holiday—An extravagant spin to our already lavish chocolate cherry loaf. This beautifully marbled crumb is achieved by layering and folding a dark dough that consists of dark chocolate chips and dark cacao, into a white dough with dried strawberries.

This loaf is a mix of sweet, tart and chocolatey goodness that will keep your tongue guessing each bite.

Note: this is a smaller loaf


How To Store Your Bread  

Not sure if you will eat breads quickly enough?

Store for days: Cover in a cloth and keep it in a dry place
Store for weeks: In the freezer, wrapped in plastic film (or cut in smaller portions)

*Never store in the refrigerator; it will accelerate the staling process.


Marbled Chocolate Strawberry Loaf - Personal Loaf (Pick Up Only)