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Las Palmas Colombia Filter


Las Palmas is a lovely field blend lot from Producer Diva Maria Monje’s farm located in the subregion of Alto Horizonte in Suaza, Huila. This coffee is super structured, with delicate floral aromatics leading to a juicy sweetness and balanced flavours of pear, toffee and milk chocolate.

This is the Diva Maria Monje’s first time getting her lot in the top 10 in the annual Copa Suacena cup competition held by our exporting partner Osito. Every year, Osito holds a cup competition in the municipality of Suaza called Copa Suaceña for coffee producers from two local coffee growers associations in the region, the Divino Nino Cooperative and ASOCAFOR to bring their lots to be tasted and placed by a panel of four judges by cup score. The goal of the competition is to incentivize producers to improve quality and pay higher prices for the higher scoring coffees.

Origin: Alto Horizonte, Suaza, Huila
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra
Producer: Diva Maria Monje Lozada

Tasting Note
Pear | Toffee | Milk Chocolate

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Las Palmas Colombia Filter