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Hazelnut Espresso Sourdough Brownies


These are not brownies as you know them - they are so much more. We’ve been hard at work perfecting this recipe over the last few months, and we can say for sure that the magic of sourdough makes these Hazelnut Espresso Brownies out of this world satisfying and moreish.

In place of butter, luscious and fruit-forward extra virgin olive oil combined with natural leaven (read: sourdough) makes these brownies something to write home about. Hazelnuts and espresso add a one-two punch to their decadent flavour profile. The result is a tender and delectable brownie with aromas of toasted caramel, jammy fruit, and cocoa. 

Whether you’re sharing the love, or keeping them all for yourself, these brownies are so downright indulgent that we knew they couldn’t be sold on their lonesome, so we’ve created a tray for sharing! They’re perfect for enjoying on their own, with a glass of milk, a dollop of ice cream or a strong coffee or cup of tea. In other words, these brownies can hold their own or make their chosen flavour partner sing! 

Store your brownies for 10 days in an airtight container or keep them in the fridge - allow them to come to room temperature before eating!

The usage of sourdough in recipes enriches the cakes and cookies with dynamic flavour, while enhancing the flavour of the other ingredients. The acid created in the fermentation is a natural preservative that helps retain moisture and prevent staling. Because of this, our products have a shelf life of a week or more, if you can make them last that long! The heartfelt use of heritage grains adds higher nutritional density, lower gluten, and richer flavours. The combination of both help in lighter digestion and an overall feel good indulgence.

Simply put, Sourdough and Pastry are a match made in heaven.

Bittersweet chocolate, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, white whole wheat flour, ground hazelnuts, natural levain, espresso, salt, vanilla.

Nuts, eggs, gluten, soy lecithin


Hazelnut Espresso Sourdough Brownies