Red Fife is one of the oldest ancient grain varieties, first grown in Canada back in 1842 at Dave Fifes’ farm in Peterborough, Ontario.

One story making the rounds is that a load of wheat grown in Ukraine was on a ship in Glasgow, a friend of Dave's dropped his hat into the red wheat, collecting a few seeds which he then shipped off to Dave. The wheat proliferated. The family cow managed to eat all the wheat heads except for a few, which Mrs. Fife saved; this was the beginning of Red Fife wheat in Canada. 

Red Fife wheat is a landrace, meaning there is a genetic variability in the wheat that allows it to adapt to a diversity of growing conditions.

Stone Milled in Quebec at Meunerie Milanaise
Protein: 11.5%
Ash: 1.5%
Falling #: 300 +/- 50
Certifications: Ecocert, USDA organic, Canada Organic
Color: Light cream, with no visible specs of bran or germ


Makes baguettes, breads, cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, pasta, pie crusts, and waffles.