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Cheddar Cashew Sourdough Sablés


If you’re not familiar with Sablés, they are a french shortbread cookie that are loved for their hearty but light texture. The butter and flour are carefully incorporated into one another to achieve a wonderfully crisp and addictive cookie.   

These particular Sablés are savoury, spicy and herbaceous, with cheddar, cashew nuts and toasted barley flour. Before slicing, these cookies are rolled in a generous coating of coriander and sesame seeds.   

We recommend debuting these tasty sablés alongside your favourite Charcuterie spread, or with your favourite glass of wine. They are perfect for snacking, or for stealing the show on any table.   

For those flavour connoisseurs among us, look out for buttery notes both from the butter also the toasted cashew nuts. A grounding nuttiness from the whole grain barley flour contrasted with sharpness from the cheddar and pepper. Earthy floral hints of thyme and sesame are rounded out by floral and citrusy coriander seeds.

It is important to highlight the significance of the "sourdough effect" and use of heritage grains in our pastry! The usage of sourdough in recipes enriches the cakes and cookies with flavour and the acid created in the fermentation is a natural preservative that helps retain moisture and staling. Our products have a shelf life of a week or more, if you can make them last that long! The use of heritage grains add higher nutritional density, lower gluten, and richer flavours. The combination of both help in lighter digestion and an overall feel good indulgence.

Medium cheddar, barley flour, cashews, butter, natural levain, coriander seeds, black & white sesame seeds, salt, thyme, black pepper.

Nuts, dairy, gluten

200g. 14/Pack

Cheddar Cashew Sourdough Sablés