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Sourdough Breadcrumbs


Our Sourdough Breadcrumbs have the perfect balance of nutty and toasty flavours from the flour and rich and warm flavours from the olive oil. They are crisp and tender, making them ideal for use in tons of different recipes! 

Breadcrumbs can be used to transform your favourite fish, meat, poultry or vegetables. When roasted or pan fried, the food will develop a lovely golden crust which keeps it tender and moist while adding amazing depth of flavour! They’re also perfect for adding to any kind of fritter, patty, meatball, or ground meat kebab. 

On the lighter end of the spectrum, you can use breadcrumbs to add an interesting layer of crunch to a salad – think Caesar or hearty kale salad with a green goddess dressing. Looking for an ultra decadent meal? Add some breadcrumbs to your plate of pasta. One of our favourites? Carbonara with a dusting of breadcrumbs, a delicious alternative to a classic pasta dish.

Breadcrumbs also make delightful additions to desserts too. Your favourite coffee cake for example, can transform into the cloud like, even more tender version of itself courtesy of some perfectly dainty breadcrumbs. As you can see, the options are endless and we thought we would share some of our favourite recipe inspirations for these golden crumbs!

Organic sifted wheat, water, salt, olive oil, levain, yeast.


Sourdough Breadcrumbs