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Pecan & Sour Cherry Sourdough Biscotti


A revival of the classic biscotti you know and love, turned sourdough!

Food writers dubbed biscotti the cookie of the 90s and rightfully so. We’re sure that many of you have warm memories of watching cartoons on Saturday morning while the adults indulged in coffee-fueled, biscotti-laden chats in the background. We hope these nostalgic cookies transport you right back to that simple time and add a few new moments of comfort to your daily routine.

Pecans and light spelt flour provide a nutty base to this biscotti, while sour cherry and zippy lemon zest add delightful tangy accents for a balanced flavour profile. Biscotti are baked twice, which gives them their crunchy and firm texture.

So do as the Italians do this week and dunk these hearty cookies in your favourite beverage – coffee, tea, milk, or whatever floats your biscotti!

Keep the biscotti sealed at room temperature (in a ziplock bag or container) and they can last as long as 4 weeks - although once these are introduced to your morning and afternoon coffee, we're positive they won't be around for too long.

It is important to highlight the significance of the "sourdough effect" and use of heritage grains in our pastry! The usage of sourdough in recipes enriches the biscotti with flavour and the acid created in the fermentation is a natural preservative that helps retain moisture and staling. Our products have a shelf life of a week or more, if you can make them last that long! The use of heritage grains add higher nutritional density, lower gluten, and richer flavours. The combination of both help in lighter digestion and an overall feel good indulgence.

Eggs, sugar, olive oil, lemon zest, organic light spelt, whole white wheat flour, natural levain, kosher salt, baking powder, dried cherries, pecans

Nuts, gluten

16/pack, 300g.

Pecan & Sour Cherry Sourdough Biscotti