Spelt is a variety of ancient grain well know for its richness in flavour and high nutrition. The whole spelt flour is low in gluten, and therefore for bread application, we advise you to combine this flour with stronger flour like our Strong Bakers Flour. Baked products result in a soft and tender texture that is much more digestive friendly than common wheat.

Organic Spelt Flour, Low-Gluten Flour. Milled in Ontario at Brant Flour Mill. 
Flavour is sweet and nutty. 
Colour: Cream flour with a red hue and visible red bran.
Certifications: Pro-Cert Organic, Kosher.
Protein: 11.5%. Ash: 1.6-2.0% 

This flour makes excellent cookies, muffins, crepes, pancakes or waffles. For bread use, we suggest mixing 15-30% of total flour to your bread.