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Classic Country Loaf


Our Classic Country Loaf is a fan favourite amongst customers at our bakery. This nutritious, naturally leavened sourdough is naturally sweet with a bit of earth and a touch of tang. With a soft and tender crumb, it’s an elevated take on your everyday sourdough.


  • Sifted Wheat flours/Spelt Flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Levain (flour, water)
  • Wild Yeasts


How To Store Your Bread  

Not sure if you will eat two loaves quickly enough?

Store for days: Cover in a cloth and keep it in a dry place
Store for weeks: In the freezer, wrapped in plastic film (or cut in smaller portions)

*Never store in the refrigerator; it will accelerate the staling process.

Classic Country Loaf